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Are you a Consultant helping your clients gather information? Do you gather feedback from internal or external audiences? provides an efficient, cost-effective on-line solution that offers you a lucrative resale opportunity.

What’s the benefit to you? Consultants bring the ‘value-added’ for their clients; managing research from need identification, question design, survey development to interpretation and analysis. We offer Consultants preferred pricing for on-line survey tools and the opportunity to resell surveys to their clients at a value-added price. You may establish and manage multiple corporate accounts with us and brand surveys with your ‘look’ or that of your client. And, as a’ associate you will be listed on our Partners page providing an opportunity for referrals to you from companies who contact us directly.

Is analysis part of your service? Responses are automatically received, tabulated and stored on the’ website and are always accessible by you. Track and filter responses; view findings in bar graph format. However, the interpretation of information is yours. We are technical experts automating the process of sending and collecting data. We recognize that the analysis of findings is likely a key part of your skill set. We work with Consultants in a variety of disciplines and can refer you to additional expertise if you need it.

Is this a cost-effective option? Absolutely. On-line survey tools are developed quickly and easily updated, distributed, collected and tabulated. No more expensive printing and distribution of paper questionnaires or costly telephone surveys. Even when re-sold by you to your clients at a value-added price – on-line surveys are an affordable, effective and technologically astute approach.

Can you protect the confidentiality of my clients and their respondents? Confidentiality measures are an integral part of our business. Our hosting and tracking of survey responses brings several confidentiality aspects into careful consideration. Our advanced permission based data access and our "Certified Anonymous" survey system are a couple of things that set apart from our competitors.

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