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Survey Security and Your Organization

Security of your surveys and data encompases two main areas:
1) Security of the responses as they're being sent to our servers
2) Security of the results during and after your survey is active
3) Security so that only those who should view the results, can

It is important throughout the survey response process to protect the privacy of the individual respondents, and the information they provide.

One way that provides this is through Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This is an Internet protocol that encrypts the information that is passed from your respondents browser to our servers. When you are on a secure (SSL) page you will notice the small padlock in the bottom center right of your browser window. When you see that, the information you are providing is encrypted and then sent.

128 bit encryption is the same standard that most credit card processes on the Internet use. This does not mean that the information cannot be intercepted. It does mean that if your information is intercepted it will be virtually impossible to unscramble it for use.

Your results are protected within your password-required account. No unauthorized persons can view your surveys or results without this information. When you are viewing the results of a survey, you are also connected through SSL as above. Thus the results are encrypted on the server before being sent to your browser. No one can intercept and decrypt them.

Within your Company
There may be many people within your company who have access to your corporate survey account. We have created a two separate permission categories;corporate permissions and survey permissions. Within these categories various viewing and editing permissions can be set on a company wide basis or by survey only.

This allows you to provide various permission levels to different people for different surveys. In other words, you can assign administrators to handle various tasks, such as creating surveys, entering results, viewing reports etc. These permission levels are set by the Survey Owner or Corporate Administrator and are the way to lock down certain information and functions.

Examples of this would be a Human Resources Employee Exit Survey, or perhaps a survey on a manger’s or executive’s performance or even a sensitive client satisfaction survey. To protect your “clients”, our access level permissions can prevent anyone but those you choose, to view your results, change questions etc.

We are the only Online Survey system that provides you with this level of survey security.

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