Interview - Corporate Sales Calls
Company Name
Phone number
Do you have someone in charge of customer satisfaction? Yes No
Who is in charge of that?

Could I speak to them please
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My name is Jay Simpson and I work for a company called and we operate a self-serve corporate online survey creation website. Do you have a moment to chat about your information needs?
Do you send out, or contract out, surveys or questionaires? Yes No
What types of surveys do you send?
Customer Feedback
Future Trends

Roughly, how many surveys to you process in a year?
Can I ask what method you're using for that right now?
Mail out
Phone calls
Email with an attachment
By Fax
Personal interviews
Through a consultant
Don't know

Have you considered handling your surveying online?
There can be significant time and cost savings.
Yes No
Their comments
Do you have email addresses for a good percentage of your customers? Yes No
Roughly what %?
NO email address, or very few
If he says they don't have email addresses:
That's a common response and although most companies are trying to get email addresses for their clients, not everyone has them right now that's for sure.
How are you tabulating your (paper/email/telephone) responses now?
Manual counting
Optical Character Recognition
The consultants are doing it
Don't know

It is possible to use our system for data entry. As a matter of fact, adding responses goes very quickly and will probably save you significant time over (what they're using now).
You can even use multiple formats for your surveys. For instance, you can send out your usual (what they use) surveys but have an online survey address on it and ask them to fill it out online. This will save processing time as well.
Then as the responses are entered you can look at response reports to see general trends before all the surveys are finished.
Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Yes No
YES a good percentage of email addresses
Would you feel comfortable contacting your customers by email to request their feedback on important issues? Yes No
The Close
We're introducing our service to business and we have a special going on this month. Two surveys for the price of one, and they can be used any time within the next year.
Can I send you some information about our website and services? Yes No
What is your email address?
first name?
last name
Great, I'll get that off to you right away. Can I follow up in a week or so? Yes No
Do you have any questions right now?
Ok, good to talk to you. Thanks very much for your time.
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