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What we do hosts your web based survey. We provide you with the tools to easily and quickly create, distribute, collect and report any information requirements you may have. From internal employee surveys to external customer satisfaction surveys, you'll find a valuable partner in generating the data you need to make smart, informed decisions.

From your computer – customize a survey from templates or create one from scratch then format it on our website. Incorporate logos and colours to complement your corporate identity. We host your survey, receive and tabulate responses for you.

Distribution by email from our website is personalized and direct to your target audience. Or, distribute the survey from your email program; there are options and benefits either way.

Survey responses are automatically received, tabulated and stored on the website - and are accessible by you at any time.

Track and filter responses if you choose. View bar graphs showing your results. We are experts at automating the process of sending and collecting data; the analysis of findings is yours.

From question design to analysis - we have talented partners available to help.

On-line surveys are quick, easy and cost affordable. Check our prices.

Confidentiality measures are an integral part of our business. Learn more.

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We help with the whole survey process, from start to finish.

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