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There are many different types and uses for surveys. These are just a small sample.

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Customer Relationship Survey
  This sample is a basic survey requesting feedback from your clients on your products and services.
Demographic Survey
  This is a sample of a generic demograhic survey.
Display Sample Questions
  This survey displays and explains a bit about each type of question you can use.
Employee Performance Review
  To get feedback on an employees performance from their peers and managers.
Interview - Corporate Sales Calls
  A survey designed as a telephone interview with comments for the interviewer.
Management Evaluation Survey
  This survey asks employees their opinion of management or team leaders.
Marketing & Public Relations Newsletter Effectiveness Survey
  This is an internal survey asking the Company's Associates their opinion of the Marketing Department.
Sample Exit Survey
Venue to Co-ordinator Post Conference Survey
  This survey questions the conference co-ordinator regarding the service and facilities of a conference venue
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